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  • Leasing management
  • Residential services

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Myanmar Real Estate - Section of our report on Industrial Zone Law

The Industrial Zone Law was enacted in May 2020 in order to revamp the operations and regulatory procedures of existing, as well as future, industrial estates in Myanmar. Long forgotten during its decades of economic isolation, a period when many of its neighbours moved from rags towards riches through rapid industrialisation, Myanmar has now started to begin catching up.

However, the country has a long way to go to emulate Korea, Thailand and even Vietnam, with significant investments required to upgrade decrepit infrastructure and build bigger and better industrial estates or find a way to improve the existing poorly planned and executed parks estates that are beset by a myriad of issues, chiefly inefficiency.

Improvements to Myanmar’s industrial sector is more essential given the rapidly changing global socioeconomic landscape the country finds itself in – a global pandemic that presents enormous threats to further growth but also opportunities for a country like Myanmar that enjoys a unique geographic location between two of the world’s economic powerhouses.

Myanmar’s Industrial Zone Law was introduced in the middle of the Coronavirus storm that is ravaging the world economy. However, a post COVID-19 world is certain to be very different to the one we knew prior to the declaration of the pandemic.

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