Development and Asset Advisory

Picon-Deed provides real estate development and asset advisory and services to private and public sector clients.

Making the right decisions before doing anything with your property is crucial to your future financial health. Many mistakes are made by property owners making uninformed judgements such as building the wrong property on their land or not being able to negotiate a reasonable price with potential buyer or leasee.

We analyse the current future market conditions and evaluate your asset in order to support your decision making for the highest and best use (HABU) of the property. A feasibility study will provide the expected financial return and viability of any project. Our projects include mixed-use projects, residential complexes, office developments, retail centres, hotels and resorts.

Clients include landowners, developers, funds, public sector.

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  • Identifying best land use strategies for existing or future empty/unused plots.
  • Market analysis of competing and complimentary projects in the area
  • Feasibility studies incorporating sensitivity analysis.
  • Prepare strategy for usage of real estate assets such as redevelopment and positioning in market, disposal, short to mid-term lease, JV structure with other investors or continuation of current use.
  • Develop strategies for improving financial performance of existing assets.
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